VectorStarâ„¢ MS464xB Series Microwave Vector Network Analyzer User Interface Reference : Noise Figure (Option 41) : Noise Figure Overview
Noise Figure Overview
Noise Figure Measurement is Option 41 for the MS464xB Series VNAs which requires front panel access loops from Option 51, 61, or 62. The option is compatible with the ME7838 Broadband/mmWave Systems. Option 41 is also compatible with the MN469xB/C Multiport System as long as the noise figure measurements are limited to Port 1 and Port b2.
Noise figure is a fundamental indicator of performance for non-frequency converting devices, such as amplifiers, during the design stage and production compliance testing. Option 41 uses the cold source method of noise figure measurements.
If neither Option 41 nor Option 48 not installed, the Noise Figure button and menu controls are not present in the UI display. If Option 41 is installed, the primary instrument mode can be quickly changed to Noise Figure mode from the default Transmission/Reflection mode to access the menu and dialog box controls. Option 48 also enables the noise figure button, but the submenus are different (see Differential Noise Figure (Option 48)).