VectorStar™ MS464xB Series Microwave Vector Network Analyzer User Interface Reference : Response Menus – 4-Port VNAs : Noise Figure Response Menu (Option 41)
Noise Figure Response Menu (Option 41)
NF RESPONSE Menu – 4-Port VNAs (Option 41)
Full Name
The VNA must be equipped with Option 41 – Noise Figure.
The application mode must be set to Noise Figure on the APPLICATION menu.
MAIN | Application | APPLICATION
Noise Figure (Option 41)
Button Selection Group
The top three buttons on the NF RESPONSE menu form a button selection group where selection of any one button de-selects all other buttons.
Primary Response Menus – 4-Port VNAs
MAIN | Response | RESPONSE | Noise Figure | NF RESPONSE
NF RESPONSE (Noise Figure Response) Menu
All of the noise figure response types are real only. Keep this in mind when selecting graph types. Noise figure and noise power quantities are computed using a 10 × log10 convention when a log mag graph type is selected.
Noise Figure
Select sets the noise figure measurement to Noise Figure. Noise figure is measured using the “cold source” technique. The units are set by the graph type.
Noise Temperature
Temperature Kelvin. Read-only display of the IEEE default temperature of 290 K. The noise temperature is calculated from the noise figure. For reference:
290 K = 17 ºC (62.6 ºF)
0 K = −273.15 °C (−459.67 °F)
Noise Power
Select sets the noise figure measurement to Noise Power trace response. The measurement units are set by the display graph type. The units will be in absolute power when a receiver calibration is applied.