VectorStarâ„¢ MS464xB Series Microwave Vector Network Analyzer User Interface Reference : Scale Menus
Scale Menus
Chapter Overview
Scale Menus Appearance, Common Buttons, and Units
Common SCALE Menu Buttons
SCALE Menu Units
Overview of SCALE Menu Variants
SCALE Magnitude Menus
SCALE Log Magnitude Menu
SCALE Linear Magnitude Menu
SCALE Impedance Magnitude Menu
SCALE Phase Menu
SCALE Phase Menu
WRAP Setup Menu
SCALE Real or Imaginary Menus
SCALE Real Magnitude Menu
SCALE Imaginary Menu
SCALE Impedance Real Menu
SCALE Impedance Imaginary Menu
SCALE Inductance Menu
SCALE Capacitance Menu
SCALE Standing Wave Ratio Menu
SCALE Smith Chart Menus
SCALE Smith Chart Impedance Menu
SMITH SCALING Impedance Menu
SMITH SCALING Admittance Menu
SCALE Smith Chart Admittance Menu
SCALE Polar Chart Menus
SCALE Linear Polar Chart Menu
SCALE Log Polar Chart Menu
SCALE Dual-Trace Display Menus
SCALE Impedance Real and Imaginary Menu
SCALE Log Magnitude and Phase Menu
SCALE Linear Magnitude and Phase Menu
SCALE Real and Imaginary Menu
SCALE Group Delay Menu
SCALE Group Delay Menu
SCALE Power Menus
SCALE Power Out Menu
SCALE Power In Menu
SCALE Menu Common Buttons
Chapter Overview
This chapter provides information about the button controls for the SCALE menu variants. SCALE menus provide trace display control of settings such as resolution, reference value, and the scale of units. The number of buttons on a SCALE menu depends on the settings on the TRACE FORMAT menu. The bottom five (5) buttons on the SCALE menu, always the same, apply settings to the active trace, channel, or all channels and also control of the number of display vertical divisions.