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Signal Strength
The Signal Strength meter is useful for tracking down the source of an interfering signal. This measurement is done at a single frequency in zero span. The power at a frequency (in dBm and Watts) is displayed along with an optional audible indicator. Connect a directional antenna and the frequency of the audible indicator increases as the measured signal strength increases. This mode is especially useful when attempting to locate an emitter using a directional antenna.
For field strength measurements, antenna factors are included. Antenna factors for many antennas offered by Anritsu are stored in the instrument. Custom antenna factors can be created and uploaded into the instrument using Anritsu Master Software Tools software.
The following procedure demonstrates a common Interference Analyzer Signal Strength setup.
1. Connect the appropriate directional antenna to the RF In port and press the Measurements main menu key.
2. Press the Signal Strength submenu key to display the Signal Strength Meter. Press the Signal Strength submenu key again to open the Signal Strength menu.
3. Press the Auto Scale submenu key to automatically scale the display range, or set the desired maximum and minimum values by pressing the Max Level and Min Level submenu keys.
4. Press the Speaker On/Off submenu key to turn on the audio output.
5. If necessary, press the Volume submenu key to set the speaker or headphone volume to a comfortable level. Use the up or down arrow keys to adjust the volume.
Interference Analyzer Signal Strength