MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Interference Analyzer (Option 25) : Sweep Menu
Sweep Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Sweep (3) key
IA Sweep Menu
Sweep Single/Continuous
This submenu key toggles between continuous sweep and single sweep. In single sweep mode, the results of a sweep are displayed on the screen while the instrument awaits a trigger event to start a new sweep.
Sweep Once
When Sweep is set to Single, Sweep Once triggers a single measurement sweep. This key has no function when the instrument is in continuous sweep mode.
Sweep # Averages:
Sweeps the number of times set using the # of Averages button under the Trace A Ops menu. Trace A must be set to Averaging (Shift > Trace (5) key > Trace A Operations > Average->Trace A) for this menu to function. Each trace is displayed using the exponential average of each sweep.
Sweep Mode:
Pressing this submenu key opens the Sweep Mode Menu. The key is not valid in Zero Span.
Sweep Time:
Sets the sweep time for the measurement. This submenu key is replaced by a Zero Span Time submenu key when the analyzer is set to Zero Span. Refer to Sweep Limitations for more information.
Auto Sweep Time
When Off, the measurement sweeps the time set in Sweep Time. When On, the instrument calculates a minimum sweep time and uses it for all subsequent sweeps.
Available in Zero Span only. Displays the Triggering Menu.
Gated Sweep Setup
Gated Sweep requires:
Option 90, or
Option 551 or 883 on model MS2712E/13E or MT8212E/13E
Press the Gated Sweep Setup key to open the Gate Setup Menu. Note that gated sweep is valid only in IA Spectrum (and Spectrum Analyzer) measurement mode.