MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : AM/FM/PM Analyzer (Option 509) : Audio Demod FM Menu
Audio Demod FM Menu
Key Sequence: Measure or (Shift + 4) > Audio Demod
Auto Demod FM Menu
On Off
Press to turn On and Off the auto demodulation function. The current state (On or Off) is underlined on the submenu key.
Demod Type
Press to select the type of desired demodulation: wideband (W‑Bnd) or narrow band (N‑Bnd). The selection toggles between the choices, and the current setting is underlined on the submenu key.
Demod Time
Press to set the demodulation time. If you use the numeric keypad to enter a value, then the submenu keys change to Time in units of min, s, ms, or µs. Demodulation time denotes the audio playback time. Audio playback and the graph display occur one after the other. For example, if the demodulation time is chosen as 3 seconds, then one complete sweep of graph display occurs followed by 3 seconds of audio playback, followed by one sweep of graph display, followed by 3 seconds of audio playback, and so on.
Press to set the instrument speaker volume for listening to the demodulated signal.
Squelch Power
Sets the squelch power value. Use this setting to limit noise in the demodulated signal.
Press to return to the Measurements menu.