S820E Microwave Site Master™ Programming Manual : Programming with SCPI : Notational Conventions
Notational Conventions
The SCPI interface standardizes command syntax and style that simplifies the task of programming across a wide range of instrumentation. As with any programming language, the exact command keywords and command syntax must be used. Unrecognized commands or improper syntax will not function.
Notational Conventions
A colon links command keywords together to form commands. The colon is not an actual part of the keyword, but is a signal to the SCPI interface parser. A colon must precede a root keyword immediately following a semicolon (see Notational Examples).
A semicolon separates commands if multiple commands are placed on a single program line.
[ ]
Square brackets enclose one or more optional keywords.
{ }
Braces enclose one or more keyword or command parameters that may be included zero or more times.
A vertical bar indicates “or” and is used to separate alternative parameter options.
Example: ON | OFF is the same as ON or OFF.
< >
Angle brackets enclose parameter descriptions.
Means “is defined as” For example: <a>::=<b><c> indicates that <b><c> can replace <a>.
Space, referred to as white space, must be used to separate keywords from their associated data parameters. It must not be used between keywords or inside keywords.
Indicates a root command name
Indicates an integer value selection from a range of values
For further information about SCPI command syntax and style, refer to the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) 1999.0 document.