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Average Menu
Key Sequence: Average
High Accuracy PM (MA24105A) Average Menu
Running Average
Sets the number of measurements used in calculating the average. Also sets the number of measurements made when Average Mode is set to Single, and when Run/Hold is toggled from Hold to Run. The default setting is1 measurement, and the maximum setting is 60 measurements. Enter the desired number by using the keypad, the rotary knob, or the Up/Down Arrow keys. Press Enter to set, or press Esc to restore the previous setting.
Max Hold
Setting Max Hold to On will display only the maximum power level. Turning Max Hold Off will display the current power level.
Toggles between Run and Hold. When in Hold mode, pressing this key starts the measurements and provides a trigger. When in the Run mode, pressing this key pauses the sweep.
Average Mode
Toggles between single measurement and continuous measurements. In Single, each measurement (or series of measurements if Running Average is greater than 1) must be activated by the Run/Hold key.