S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Instrument Overview : Turning On the Site Master
Turning On the Site Master
The Anritsu Site Master S820E is capable of approximately 4 hours of continuous operation from a fully charged battery.
The Site Master can also be operated from a 12 VDC source (which also simultaneously charges the battery). This can be achieved with either the Anritsu AC‑DC Adapter or the Automotive power outlet adapter.
When using the Automotive power outlet adapter, always verify that the supply is rated for a minimum of 60 Watts at 12 VDC, and that the socket is clear of any dirt or debris. If the adapter plug becomes hot to the touch during operation, then discontinue use immediately.
To turn on the Site Master, press the green On/Off button on the front panel (Figure: Site Master Instrument Overview (1 of 2)). The Site Master takes approximately 90 seconds to complete initial power up and load the application software.
Momentarily pressing the On/Off button when the Site Master is operating places the instrument into standby mode. A message “Going into Standby Mode” is displayed, and the touchscreen display turns off. The green power LED slowly pulses when the instrument is in standby mode. Press the On/Off button momentarily again to restore the instrument to standard operation.
One minute of inactivity causes the Site Master to enter reduced power mode. In this mode the display screen brightness is reduced. Touching any portion of the screen or any keypad press while in reduced power mode instantly restores screen brightness.
Press and hold the On/Off button until the shut down popup window appears. The current settings are saved, and the instrument shuts down.
If the instrument appears non‑responsive or will not power down using the standard shutdown procedure, then disconnect the external power supply, and then press and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds to force an instrument shutdown. Note that the current settings will not be saved.
External Power On
The When DC Applied setting in the Power‑On menu allows the Site Master to restart automatically when external DC power is applied to the connector.
When this feature is enabled, the Site Master in the off state will turn on when external DC power is applied. The instrument turns off when external power is removed, even if a battery is installed. This is useful for high-reliability remote operation, where the instrument may need to be rebooted using a remotely-controlled power switch.
If the instrument is turned on with the power switch, then external power is removed, the instrument will continue to run until the battery is depleted. It will come on and the battery will begin recharging when external power is applied. This state is useful when the instrument is in a location where the power source may be interrupted.