S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Instrument Overview : Front Panel Overview
Front Panel Overview
The Site Master menu‑driven interface is easy to use and requires little training. The Site Master uses a touchscreen, keypad, Arrow keys, and rotary knob for data input. The menu and submenu keys vary depending upon the selected mode of operation.
The number keypad keys are dual purpose, depending upon the current instrument state. The dual‑purpose keys are labeled with a number on the key and the alternate function printed above the key. The numeric keys function when there is an active parameter entry dialog box open. The Esc key is used for aborting data entry and closing menus. The rotary knob, the four Arrow keys, and the keypad can also be used to change the value of most active parameters.
The Site Master is also compatible with a standard corded USB mouse. Plugging the mouse into one of the USB ports on the Site Master automatically displays the mouse cursor arrow on the display. Mouse input can then be used in combination with touchscreen entry. If the mouse cursor is not displaying, then confirm that the Cursor button (in the Touchscreen (0) menu) is turned On.