S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Instrument Overview : Calibration
The following symbols and indicators indicate the instrument status or condition on the display.
Calibration Symbols
The current calibration status and type is displayed in the upper‑left of the screen when in Cable‑Antenna Analyzer mode. The three status messages are described next.
Cal Status OK (Cal Type)
The Microwave Site Master has a valid calibration being applied. It is not possible to change the frequency range after calibration without performing another calibration. Note that the CALIBRATION OFF message can indicate different calibration conditions.
Cal Status --
The Site Master has not yet been calibrated (). Perform a calibration before making measurements.
Cal Status OFF
The Site Master has been calibrated, but Cal Correction is Off (OFF). The calibration correction has been turned Off by the user or by the recalled setup. Set the Cal Correction to On, or start a new calibration.
Cal Status OFF
The Site Master has been calibrated, but the instrument temperature has drifted more than ±10 ºC since the last valid calibration was performed (ºC). A new calibration is required.
For calibration procedures refer to Calibration, CAA.