S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Anritsu Tool Box : easyTest Tools
easyTest Tools
easyTest Tools is used to create work instruction files that consist of a command sequence and intructions to help less experienced personnel with operating the instrument in the field.
A drag-and-drop tool facilitates the creation of test scripts from a library of commands.
Instructions can be a mix of text prompts and custom user images that may include connection diagrams or procedure steps.
Recall Setup command lets you specify a particular setup, placing the instrument in a known state by retrieving saved parameters such as measurement type, frequency and amplitude settings, markers and limit lines.
Measurements or screen shots can be saved automatically or manually.
To recall an easyTest file:
1. Press Menu on the S820E interface screen.
2. Press the easyTest icon on the Menu Shortcut window.
3. In the easyTest Recall dialog, select the .ett file and press Recall.
easyTest Recall Dialog
4. Press Next to move to the next instruction screen. To abort the easyTest sequence, press Esc.