Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Introduction and Installation : Installing the MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter Software
Installing the MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter Software
1. Place the software installer (MIH_Installer_Vx.xx.msi) on your Windows tablet/laptop and double-click the icon "MIH_Installer_Vx.xx" (where x.xx is the current software version number).
2. Follow the instructions presented by the installer. If this is a first time installation, you may be prompted to install NI-VISA Runtime if not previously installed. NI-VISA Runtime is bundled with the MIH installer.
3. Once completed, a green icon will then appear on your screen. Double-click the green Mobile InterferenceHunter icon to run the program.
Installing the License Key
A license key is needed to run the Mobile InterferenceHunter (MIH) program. When the Mobile InterferenceHunter software is purchased, an email with the license key and instructions are sent to you. The license key must be associated with just one Anritsu instrument, but it can be used on multiple computers. The license key may have an expiration date. Please retain the license key as it allows you to use the instrument associated with this key on other tablets or PCs.
Import Licenses and drag-and-drop are two methods of importing the license key into Mobile InterferenceHunter. Follow the instructions below to import the license key into the program.
Import License
1. Under the File | Licensing menu, click Import Machine License(s) to open the folder containing the license key that activates the features of Mobile InterferenceHunter.
2. Highlight the license file and press Open. The license will be entered into the MIH program.
Importing the License Keys
Drag-and-Drop License
Depending on the email service, you can drag-and-drop the attached license key into MIH.
If using Google/Baidu Maps, drag-and-drop the license key anywhere on the MIH software except for on the Google/Baidu Map itself.
If using maps from any open source map, you can drag-and-drop the license key anywhere on the MIH program window.