Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Introduction and Installation : Setting Up the Spectrum Analyzer
Setting Up the Spectrum Analyzer
Interference hunting will take place in the Channel Power measurement mode of spectrum analyzer measurements. The following are basic instructions to set up this mode. For detailed instructions to configure your instrument, please review the user guide specific to your instrument. The MS2760A software must be installed before using this instrument with MIH, and is required for initial setup.
Setting Up the Channel Power Measurement Mode
1. Power on your instrument and select the Spectrum Analyzer Measurement mode.
2. Ensure the GPS is On if using the instrument GPS option. A USB GPS receiver is required if using the MS2760A. Refer to Setting Up an External USB GPS Antenna.
3. Select Channel Power Measurement (does not apply to MS2710xA instruments).
4. Enter the frequency of the suspected interferer as the Center Frequency.
5. Set both the Channel Power Width and Span. It's best if you set the channel width to be as narrow as possible while still covering the signal of interest. (The MS2710xA instruments only use the Span.)
6. Set the amplitude reference level to –40 dBm and turn on the preamp or IF gain if needed to see the signal. The Reference Level must be –40 dBm or below in order to turn on the preamp or IF gain. Bursty signals such as Wi-Fi or DECT signals may be easier to find if you set the spectrum analyzer to Burst Detect mode, if available.
7. If the network connection is not yet established, refer to Configuring the Computer to Instrument Connections.
If using the MS2760A, the software must be launched before MIH and left running in the background. Also, do not interface with the MS2760A software when one of the drive modes is active to avoid communication conflicts with the MS2760A instrument.
The instrument is ready for interference hunting.