Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Introduction and Installation : Installing the System into a Vehicle
Installing the System into a Vehicle
Setting up the hardware in your vehicle for hunting involves only a few steps:
1. Secure the spectrum analyzer in the passenger seat. Use a seat belt if available.
2. Connect the antennas:
a. Place the RF magnet mount omnidirectional antenna on the vehicle rooftop and run cables to the interior.
b. If the RF antenna does not also contain a GPS antenna, mount the GPS antenna on the roof.
c. Connect the antennas to the spectrum analyzer.
3. Connect the instrument’s power cable to vehicle power (cigarette lighter adapter).
4. Set up the computer car mount (if used) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
5. If not already done, make all connections between the instrument and computer as described in Configuring the Computer to Instrument Connections.
6. Verify that all equipment is secure in the vehicle and provides convenient visibility and access while driving. Also verify that no cables are under stress and that proper strain relief is used if necessary.
Do not attempt to change the settings or otherwise operate the equipment while operating the vehicle. It is safe to pull to the side of the road before changing any settings or operating the equipment or computer. Use a passenger to help with operating the equipment while driving on the hunt. Follow all local regulations and always operate your vehicle in the safest manner possible.