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Button Size: Allows you to select a button size that is convenient to press while interference hunting. The four selections are 32 x 32, 64 x 64, 96 x 96 and 128 x 128. The buttons will scale to fit the toolbar if the button size selected is larger than what can be accommodated by the toolbar size. Expanding the window size will grow the size of the buttons until they reach the maximum size selected.
Menu Font Size: Allows you to select a menu font size for text in the Menu Bar, its sub-menus and in the Status Bar and most dialogs. The font size selections are 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16. The font size affects the amount of information displayed on Status Bar. As the font size increases, status parameters may be removed from view.
Growing Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are placed on the map along your traveled route. In its default setting, breadcrumbs’ color changes but may still be difficult to see while driving. Selecting this option, breadcrumb size increases as received power increases. With Growing Breadcrumbs set, breadcrumb power levels are denoted not only in color but with size.
Estimation Circle: A red and green circle appears as more breadcrumbs with higher power levels are left on the map. When the position of the signal source becomes available, the Green Arrow is eliminated and replaced by the Circle. The Circle may be large at first but will reduce in size as more signal data is accumulated. This indicates that you are closer to the interfering signal source and that the power level of the interferer is increasing. Also, the default colors of the circle area colors red and green and can be change in the Color Mode setting. From the center of the circle looking out, the green areas of the circle depict how the breadcrumbs are dispersed for calculating the location of the interfering signal. If the Circle is heavily shaded red or one side of the Circle is a quarter to half shaded green then drive in the direction of the area shaded red to accumulate a more even distribution of breadcrumbs to calculate the location of the interferer. The Estimation Circle is not available in Multiple Emitter and Spectrum Clearing Modes. (For Drive Map Display, you can select to view either the Estimation Circle or the Heat Map. The Estimation Circle is the default view.)
Heat Map: The Heat Map covers a larger area of displaying the level of intensity of the interferer signal by color than the Estimation Circle. A matrix of rectangles creates the heat map and the colors signify the probability that the pattern of observed power measurements would be caused by an emitter in that grid cell – green being the strongest signal and pale blue/gray the weakest signal. (For Single Emitter Mode, you can select to view either the Estimation Circle or the Heat Map. The Estimation Circle is the default view.)
Allow Level Adjustment: Places a bright blue horizontal line in the Power vs. Time display. Grab this line to move it up or down. Changing the horizontal location of the line changes the threshold level and data used for determining either the Estimation Circle or Heat Map.
Show Cross Hairs: Adds a horizontal and a vertical line that cross at the best estimated location of the interferer.
Line Estimates: Line Estimates is another function used for determining the location of an interferer. Green lines are drawn perpendicular to the vehicle’s direction of travel. Line Estimates can only be used in Single Emitter Mode. To use Line Estimates, press the Show Line Estimates (F11) command.
Show Line Estimates: Toggles on or off the display of line estimates.
Toggle Current Line Estimate: Toggles on or off the setting for the current measurement as indicated by the bright yellow vertical line in the Power vs. Time display. Move the bright yellow vertical line using the left/right keyboard keys or by clicking on the bar chart. When toggled on, the color of the bar highlighted by the bright yellow vertical line changes to a pale blue. Also, with Show Line Estimates on, a green line is drawn on the map perpendicular to the direction of travel at that location. This should only be done at local maxima and where the vehicle is traveling in a straight line on the bar chart, and if done so that the lines cross at nearly right angles, the intersection of the lines will mark the position of the interferer.
Clear All Line Estimates: Toggles off all green line estimates.
Clear Location Estimate (Imported or TDOA): Clears location line estimate from the map. When you run TDOA or import TDOA data, location estimate lines are drawn on the map that triangulate an interferer. These lines persist until MIH is closed or until this menu item is used.
GPS Coordinate Format: Select either decimal degrees or degrees:minuites:seconds format.
Color Mode: Select a color combination that suits your preference when viewing the drive map in changing lighting conditions. In cases such as using the instrument in bright sunlight, use the High Contrast (Transparency) setting.
Map Colors: Full Color or Reduced Color
Estimation Circle: Green/Red, Blue/Yellow, Black/White, High Contrast
Base Station Icons: Aquamarine, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Tan, Yellow