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Mode Menu
MIH allows several types of interference hunting situations:
Scan Driving (Initial Perimeter Survey): Used to establish a general area of where an interfering signal may be found.
Spot Driving (Standard Operation): Hunting for a single interfering signal.
Multiple Emitter: Hunting for multiple interferer transmitters such as cable TV leakage.
Spectrum Clearing: Hunting for multiple transmissions of the same frequency whose power exceeds the threshold set by the user. Screen images can be automatically saved when the threshold is exceeded.
Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA): Use TDOA to locate interference sources and other modulated broadcasters. TDOA is not a driving mode like the other modes mentioned above. For TDOA, you must stop the car to perform the measurement. You must also have access to at least three remote spectrum monitor probes (MS2710xA). Note that one MS2710xA probe can be used as a spectrum analyzer for normal interference hunting. Refer to Setting Up TDOA.