Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Display Layout : Status Bar
Status Bar
At the bottom of the Mobile InterferenceHunter (MIH) window is the Status Bar which consists of status icons and information windows.
Status Bar
Program Indicator:
Red - MIH program started but has not been run
Green - MIH currently running.
Yellow - MIH paused.
Audio Indicator: By default these functions are off therefore the indicators will be gray.
Music Note: Indicates Audio Tone is on.
Speaker: Indicates that Voice Prompt is on. Also, you can adjust the volume by clicking on this icon then adjusting the slide bar to the desired volume level.
Squelch Limit: This symbol is colored white and black when active.
Sensitivity: Indicates the sensitivity level selected. The default selection is 1. Sensitivity is only used for Single and Multiple emitter Modes. It does not apply to Spectrum Clearing Mode.
Min/Max Hold:
Min Hold: Indicates Min Hold is active.
Max Hold: Indicates Max Hold is active.
Timer 1 (left): Counts the elapsed time since data collection started. It will continually run till the program is exited, although the display will only be updated while measurements are being collected.
Timer 2 (right): Counts the actual data collection time. Will stop counting when Pause is pressed and will restart when Run is pressed again.
Mode: Displays the selected measurement mode - Single Emitter, Multiple Emitter, and Spectrum Clearing. The default selection is Single Emitter mode. When the Data Collection Start button is press and connection is made with the instrument, the display will change to Connected.
Power Level: Displays the real-time power numerical value. If Squelch is on, the background color is green for levels above the Squelch Threshold, and yellow for levels below the Squelch Threshold.
GPS Coordinates (left): Displays the longitude and latitude of the vehicle location.
Map Center Coordinates (right): Displays the center of the map’s longitude and latitude coordinate. As the map changes with the movement of the vehicle, the map center coordinate changes.
Counters: There are two counter displays that relate to the Power vs. Time window. The one on the left designates the power bar that the bright yellow vertical line is selecting and the vehicle position when in Pause mode. The display on the right indicates the total number of bars in the window.
GPS Satellite Indicator: When an external USB GPS receiver is connected:
Gray: Indicates GPS is not active or no satellite fix
Light Red: Indicates less than 3 satellites are fixed
Yellow: Indicates 3 satellites are fixed
Green: Indicates more than 3 satellites are fixed