Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Using the MIH
Using the MIH
Setting Up MIH Software
Recalling Saved/Recent Settings
Selecting the Mode
Selecting the Map Source
Creating, Importing, and Viewing Base Stations (Open Source only)
Configuring Display Elements
Setting Signal Strength Indicators
Showing Cross Hairs
Setting the Button Size
Setting the Menu Font Size
Growing Breadcrumbs
Setting up Audio and Voice
Setting Audio Tones
Setting Voice Prompts
Selecting the Voice
Setting Min/Max Hold
Setting the Squelch Limit
Setting the Sensitivity
Logging Data While Stopped
Searching Grid Width
Displaying the Instrument Trace
Creating a Drive Route
Finding the Interferer
Preparing for the Drive
Driving Around
Setting Up TDOA
Setting Up an Alternate Ethernet Connection
MIH PC Alternate Ethernet Network Connection Setup
PC Ethernet Adapter Settings
File Management
Opening a Log File
Importing and Viewing .loc Files
Saving a Log File
Capturing the Map and Signal Windows
Saving Current Settings
Recalling Saved Settings