Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Using the MIH : Configuring Display Elements
Configuring Display Elements
This section covers how to configure many display elements to suit your particular situation and preferences.
Setting Signal Strength Indicators
There are two position-estimate indicators that cover the area where an interferer could be – Heat Map and
Estimation Circle. Only one of these can be selected for viewing at one time.
Select either Estimation Circle or Heat Map. The check-mark denotes the indicator selection.
Showing Cross Hairs
Adds a horizontal and a vertical line that cross at the estimated location of the interferer.
Press to activate.
Setting the Button Size
Select a button size that is convenient to press while interference hunting. The four selections are 32 x 32, 64 x 64, 96 x 96 and 128 x 128. The buttons will scale to fit the toolbar if the button size selected is larger than what can be accommodated by the toolbar size. Expanding the window size will grow the size of the buttons until they reach the maximum size selected.
Setting the Menu Font Size
Select a menu font size for text in the Menu Bar, its sub-menus, the Status Bar, and most dialogs. The font size selections are 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16. The font size affects the amount of information displayed on Status Bar. As the font size increases, status parameters may be removed from view depending on the window size.
Growing Breadcrumbs
In its default setting, breadcrumbs’ color changes but still may be difficult to see while driving. Select this option and the breadcrumb size increases as the power increases. With Growing Breadcrumbs set, breadcrumb power levels are denoted not only in color but with size.
Press to activate.