Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Using the MIH : Setting up Audio and Voice
Setting up Audio and Voice
Audio tones can be used as an additional tool to finding an interferer. It allows you to focus on driving rather than constantly looking at the Mobile InterferenceHunter program for visual updates. Another audio feature that can be used in locating an interferer is Voice Prompts. Voice Prompts give you general directions to help you drive toward the interferer while allowing you to concentrate on driving without looking at the tablet or laptop.
Setting Audio Tones
Tones fluctuate in pitch relative to the power level received which can be seen in the Real-Time Power Meter. The higher the power level the higher the tone pitch and most likely the closer the interferer signal. The audio tone update is approximately once every 100 ms but will be considerably slower if the Spectrum display is on.
Press to activate. The music notes turn green in the Status Bar.
Setting Voice Prompts
Voice Prompts are given at fifteen second intervals and will point you in the general direction towards the interference source. Please note that the position is an estimate, and the directional instructions might change as more data is collected.
Sometimes the local RF environment may cause a flip in directions. In this case, follow the trends. Don’t immediately stop and turn every time the voice prompt indicates a change. If the voice prompt indicates a change in direction, start looking for a safe place to turn. While approaching the turning point, if the MIH continues to indicate a turn, do so. But if it returns to the previous indicated direction, continue on. When activating Voice Prompts, a voice will say “Voice Prompts are on.” Voice Prompts are not available in Multiple Emitter and Spectrum Clearing Modes.
Press to activate. The speaker turns yellow in the Status Bar.
Selecting the Voice
Mobile InterferenceHunter provides several options for voices to use as voice prompts. It uses the built-in Text-to-Speech capabilities of Windows. Windows 7 comes with, “Microsoft Anna” and may come with an additional voice. Windows 8 includes three different voices to choose from: male and female US English voices, and a female British voice. Other voices are commercially available from various vendors.
Place the cursor on Voice Selection to display the list of voices. Click the desired voice.