Mobile InterferenceHunter Help : Using the MIH : Creating a Drive Route
Creating a Drive Route
A drive route should be created to not directly pinpoint the direction of the interferer, but to create a drive perimeter that will allow you to collect many data points that will closely direct you to the interferer. A drive route is typically created directly in Google Maps.
It is better to create a drive route at the office than out in the field.
1. Select Google Maps under Map Source in the Settings menu.
2. Click Create a Drive Route in the File menu.
MIH-Navigation Window with Driving Points and Instructions Example
3. Click Open in Google Maps and follow the on-screen instructions for using Google Maps and sending the route to your personal navigation device.
Confirm that the Google Maps account used on the computer and your phone used for audible instructions are signed into the same Google Maps account.
Once the field tech has received the drive route on his phone, he can use the audio commands to direct him through the route perimeter around the interferer.