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Setting Up an Alternate Ethernet Connection
MIH PC Alternate Ethernet Network Connection Setup
Following the steps below, it is possible for the Laptop / Tablet PC used with MIH to have a primary Ethernet configuration (for the office network) and an alternate Ethernet configuration (for use with MIH). By doing so, there should be no need to re-configure network settings each time the Laptop / Tablet is used with MIH. Windows will detect the connected network and switch to the appropriate Ethernet configuration automatically.
No changes will be made to the General (primary) settings. Only an Alternate configuration will be added. This process assumes a static IP network configuration as the alternate network communication method between MIH and the spectrum analyzer. A CAT5 cable will be used to connect the spectrum analyzer to the PC. Note that the spectrum analyzer’s Ethernet configuration type will be set to ‘Manual’ and the IP address, Gateway, and Subnet set per the examples below.
Example IP addresses, Subnet Mask, and Gateway:
Spectrum Analyzer IP address:
MIH PC address:
Subnet Mask:
PC Ethernet Adapter Settings
For the Laptop / Tablet PC, navigate to Network Settings, and select the Ethernet connection:
PC Ethernet Settings Window
Select Properties, then highlight Internet Protocol Version 4, then Properties:
PC Ethernet Status and Properties Windows
From Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties, select the Alternate Configuration tab and check the User configured radio button. Enter the IP address, Subnet mask, and Default gateway as shown:
Internet Protocol Version Properties Window
The Laptop / Tablet PC should now be capable of utilizing either of the two network settings. General configuration (for your office network) or Alternate Configuration (for MIH) depending on which network it is connected.