General Information : Software and Documentation
Software and Documentation
All software and documentation for the MS276xA spectrum analyzer are available online on the spectrum analyzer product page:
Refer to Installation for system requirements and installation instructions.
Anritsu follows a practice of regular improvement to our software; Anritsu recommends users check to ensure you have the latest versions.
Refer to the MS276xA Spectrum Master Technical Data Sheet for the latest options, available accessories, and performance specifications for your instrument model.
Initial Inspection
Inspect the shipping container for damage. If the shipping container is damaged, retain it until the contents of the shipment have been checked and the instrument has been checked for mechanical and electrical operation. The following items are typically included with every shipment, but should be verified with the packing list:
MS276xA Spectrum Analyzer
2000-1859-R 1.0 m USB A to C Port Cable
2000-1605-R BNC(m) to MCX(m) Cable (quantity 2)
Certificate of Calibration
11410-00976 Getting Started Flyer
If the shipment is incomplete or if the spectrum analyzer is damaged mechanically or electrically, notify your local sales representative or Anritsu Customer Service. If the shipping container is damaged or shows signs of stress, notify the carrier as well as Anritsu. Keep the shipping materials for the carrier's inspection.
Instrument Identification
All Anritsu spectrum analyzers are assigned a unique seven-digit serial number, such as “0701016”. The serial number is printed on a label affixed to the unit. When ordering parts or corresponding with Anritsu Customer Service, please use the correct serial number with reference to the specific instrument's model number. When identifying a frequency option for the MS276xA, that option number is appended after the model number, for example: MS2762A‑0170.