General Information : Instrument Description
Instrument Description
The Anritsu MS276xA are innovative mmWave spectrum analyzers delivering basic spectrum analysis capabilities in an unimaginably small form-factor. They do this well below the price point of traditional spectrum analyzers. They connect to and communicate with a PC via USB. They can measure signals at frequencies as low as 9 kHz and up to 170 GHz. They are ideal for the testing of many mmWave applications such as 802.11ad, wireless backhaul, automotive radar, radio astronomy, and other extremely high frequency applications.
The MS2760A models utilize mixer based conversion for lower frequencies and sampler based conversion above 6.15 GHz. The MS2762A models are purely sampler based with the initial frequency starting at 6 GHz. The sampler-based portion of the MS276xA exploits Anritsu’s patented Non-Linear Transmission Line Technology (NLTL), a sampling technology in a customized Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC). The MS276xA family employs software algorithms to reduce or eliminate unwanted image responses. While most images are effectively removed, some low-level image responses close to the noise floor might be seen when making multi-toned or modulated signal measurements. These effects can be more noticeable when measuring modulated signals with wide bandwidth, while simultaneously sweeping across a broadband. For broadband analysis of active DUTs, the MS276xA performance is best when the DUT signal is CW, or very narrow BW in nature.
The MS276xA uses a USB 3.0 Type C interface for PC and remote communication and requires USB 3.0 as a power source.
Status Indicator and Connectors
Connectors and status indicator for the Spectrum Master are shown below in Figure: Spectrum Master Connectors and Status Indicator.
Spectrum Master Connectors and Status Indicator 
TRIG -External Trigger Connector: MCX(f), 50 Ω
Status Indicator
  Initialization: Will blink red intermittently during the process.
  Normal operation: Will be solid green, meaning all is well.
  Normal operation: A red light may indicate an over-range condition or lock failure.
USB Interface: USB 3.0, Type C Connector
REF - External Reference In Connector: MCX(f), 50 Ω, 10 MHz
RF In Connectors:
  32 GHz and 44 GHz Instruments: K Connector (2.92 mm), male Ω, torque 0.9 N·m (8lbf·in)
  50 GHz and 70 GHz Instruments: V Connector (1.85 mm), male 50 Ω, torque 0.9 N·m (8lbf·in)
  90 GHz and 110 GHz Instruments: W Connector (1.00 mm), male 50 Ω, torque 0.45 N·m (4lbf·in)
  145 GHz and 170 GHz Instruments: 0.8 mm Connector, male 50 Ω, torque 0.45 N·m (4lbf·in)
For the MS2760A, max RF input level is +30 dBm (1 W) CW.
For the MS2762A, max RF input level is +18 dBm (63 mW) CW.