General Information : Preparation for Storage/Shipment
Preparation for Storage/Shipment
Preparing the spectrum analyzer for storage consists of cleaning the unit, packing the inside with moisture-absorbing desiccant crystals, and storing the unit in the recommended temperature environment. Please refer to the data sheet for storage temperature recommendations.
To provide maximum protection against damage in transit, the spectrum analyzer should be repackaged in the original shipping container. If this container is no longer available and the unit is being returned to Anritsu for repair, please advise Anritsu Customer Service and use the following process to package the MS276xA for shipment:
Disconnect any USB and Trigger cables before packaging the analyzer.
Use a Suitable Container: Obtain a corrugated cardboard carton. This carton should have inside dimensions of no less than 15 cm larger than the unit dimensions to allow for cushioning.
Protect the Instrument: Surround the unit with polyethylene sheeting to protect the finish.
Cushion the Instrument: Cushion the instrument on all sides by tightly packing urethane foam between the carton and the unit. Provide at least 7.5 cm of dunnage on all sides.
Seal the Container: Seal the carton by using either shipping tape or an industrial stapler.
Address the Container: If the instrument is being returned to Anritsu for service, mark the address of the appropriate Anritsu service center and your return address on the carton in one or more prominent locations.