Installation : Installing the MS276xA Software and Drivers
Installing the MS276xA Software and Drivers
The Spectrum Master application and drivers must be installed before using the Spectrum Master MS276xA instrument. Follow these steps as a guide for proper installation:
1. Go to and type MS276xA into the search. Find the Spectrum Master MS276xA software from the Downloads section and download the MS276xA installer .exe file.
2. Double click the application file and follow the installation instructions.
The figures in this section are example dialogs that display during the installation process. The actual version and time stamp you see might be different.
Anritsu Welcome Screen
3. Click Next.
Spectrum Master License Agreement
4. Read the license agreement and select “I Agree”. The Select shortcut options dialog opens.
5. Select the desired options to be installed.
6. Click Next.
Select Shortcut Options Dialog
7. To use the default directory for the program installation, click Install.
If you choose not to have the Device Monitor launch after installation, you will have to launch it manually before the MS276xA will connect to the software.
Choose Install Location Dialog
The software loads and installs to the selected location.
Installing Dialog
8. Select Finish to complete the installation.
Anritsu Spectrum Master Installation Complete
During the first installation, the following dialog may display and can be closed. It has no bearing on the installation process or functionality of the MS276xA.
Installation Driver Dialog