Graphical User Interface Overview : Introduction
The MS276xA Spectrum Master software controls the spectrum analyzer and can be run from a Windows-based desktop PC, laptop, or tablet via USB 3.0 connectivity. The MS276xA Spectrum Master software controls all instrument functions and primary operation is through the touch screen display. The figure below identifies the main display areas, which are each described in more detail later in this chapter.
GUI Overview (sample display elements) 
1. The title bar provides access to the system settings and informational dialogs.
2. The status and trace panel are used to show common settings and controls, and to provide trace and cursor information. The information displayed on this panel depends on the current measurement and view settings. Refer to the appropriate chapter in this guide for information about this panel.
3. Menus are used to configure measurement settings such as frequency, amplitude, and bandwidth, and to enable measurement modes and views such as Spectrogram view, OBW, and ACP measurements.
4. The main menu provides access to setting menus and other instrument controls.
5. The upper area typically displays graphical data such as spectrum trace and spectrogram plots. The lower area typically displays tabular measurement data such as marker data, demodulation results, or other measurement data depending on the selected measurement.