Graphical User Interface Overview : Introduction : Common GUI Controls
Common GUI Controls
In addition to the touch gestures described in the previous section, the following lists the most common controls that you will encounter when working with the Spectrum Master.
Common GUI Controls
The 3-line icon provides access to system information, settings, file management. Refer to System Menu.
The camera icon will capture a screen image and save it to a file. Refer to Screenshot Setup.
The notification icon provides access to informational and error messages. If displayed, the number indicates the number of notifications. Refer to Notifications and Appendix A, â€śInstrument Messages and Troubleshooting”.
The Close icon closes menus and dialogs.
The Chevron expands and collapses the status and table displays. A similar chevron on the virtual keyboard may be for capital letters or to scroll through key sets.
The Toggle icon enables or disables the associated feature. When highlighted in blue, the feature is enabled.
The Drop-down icon exposes a list of items from which to choose.
The Refresh icon will restart a process, such as a sweep or averaging count.
The Preset icon brings up the Preset submenu.
The Enter icon accepts an entry. A similar icon is found on menu buttons to indicate additional menus.
Gesture lock and unlock icons indicate when the drag and pinch gestures have been toggled on or off. See Figure: FREQ / SPAN Menu for information about gestures.