Graphical User Interface Overview : Introduction : Data Entry
Data Entry
User input can be in the form of numeric values for instrument or measurement settings, selected values from a preset list, or alphanumeric text when entering file names, for example.
To view or change a parameter value:
1. Access the appropriate menu or control.
2. Enter data using the data entry controls or attached physical keyboard. Some items can be accessed directly on the annotated display by touching their value.
Invalid Entries
When setting parameters or entering other data, if an entry is out of range or is otherwise invalid, the Spectrum Master shades the background display and may provide a message indicating an invalid range. In this case, clear or cancel the entry and enter a valid value or change the units using the drop-down selection in the data entry window.
Invalid (top) and Valid Numeric (bottom) Entries
Numeric Values
To modify a numeric parameter setting that is displayed on a menu or annotated field, press the item to make it active and to display the numeric keypad data entry control. Use the touch screen to enter or change the value.
Touchscreen Keypads
The keypad typically provides controls to:
Select an appropriate unit, such as frequency entries in Hz, kHz, MHz, or GHz, on the top, right corner drop-down of the entry field.
Enter values directly with the keypad or keyboard numberpad after clicking in the entry field.
Drag a parameter value within its settable range using a sliding control.
Increment the parameter value up or down. At each end of the slider are plus (+) and minus (–) controls that increment the parameter value. Most parameters have a fixed increment, such as bandwidth that follows a 1:3:10 sequence and span that follows a 1:2:5:10 sequence. In the case of frequency, you can set a custom frequency step increment value. After the entry is complete, press the desired unit or press ACCEPT to complete the entry.
Set the parameter to the maximum or minimum possible value.
CLEAR the entire entry.
Backspace to delete all or part of the entry.
Press CANCEL to terminate any entries made for that particular setting. Note that pressing the "X" to close the keypad is the same as pressing CANCEL. Canceling restores the settings to the state they were in before the keypad opened, even if changes are already reflected in the data display.
Press ACCEPT to operate with the settings displayed on the keypad.
If using a tablet, a physical keyboard (connected via USB, Bluetooth, etc.) can also be used to enter values in a similar manner and the keyboard ENTER key used to accept the new value.
Selection Lists
Some parameters and instrument functions are selectable from lists. These list boxes display the available selections and value limits as applicable. Use the touch screen to scroll through the list and select the desired entry.
Selection Lists
To cancel selection, touch or click any where away from the menu.