Graphical User Interface Overview : System Menu
System Menu
System Menu
The System menu identifies the instrument model and serial number. It also contains the name and IP address of the host.
Opens the System Information panel.
Opens the Settings Menu, providing access to all system level settings and controls.
Opens File Management. Note that the file management menus are different from the right-side FILE menu. Use file management to organize, copy, and rename files. Use the right side FILE menu to save and recall measurement data, instrument setup files, or to save a screenshot.
System Information
The System Information panel shows information about connection.
System Information
The information fields in this panel are:
Connected to: The IP address of the server to which the instrument is connected.
Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the instrument.
Model Number: The model number of the instrument.
Serial Number: The serial number of the instrument.
Server version: The version number loaded onto the device or computer.
Client version: The software version loaded onto the instrument.
Frequency: The maximum frequency capability of the instrument.