Graphical User Interface Overview : Settings Menu
Settings Menu
The System Settings menu provides access to the instrument display and screenshot settings..
Settings Menu
Opens the Display Settings.
Opens the Screenshot Setup.
Display Settings
The DISPLAY settings allow you to set the display to the Default or to the Light color scheme, the latter of which might be more suitable for viewing in bright ambient light conditions.
Display Settings
Screenshot Setup
1. Access the System menu (3-line icon in the upper left corner).
2. Press SETTINGS to access the instrument settings menu, then select SCREENSHOT to open the SCREENSHOT setup menu.
Screenshot Setup
SCREENSHOT setup lets you configure these interface settings:
Capture region: entire application window or its graph area only
Color: standard or printer-friendly
Annotations: may be placed at top (header) or bottom (footer) of captured image
File Naming: whether timestamp naming or manual naming is followed
Directory: directory path to destination folder where the file is to be saved