Programming with SCPI : Remote Programming Setup and Interface
Remote Programming Setup and Interface
The MS276xA software is an example of a remote programming application that is running locally on the PC controlling the MS276xA instrument. Using SCPI commands sent via a TCP/IP raw socket connection, the MS276xA software communicates to the Anritsu Device Monitor, which handles the USB communication between the PC and the MS276xA instrument. Your remote application will connect to the Device Manager in the same way. Below are a list of requirements for establishing a local or remote connection to the MS276xA:
The MS276xA software and the Anritsu Device Manager must be installed on the controlling PC, laptop, or tablet, and the MS276xA must be connected via USB3.0 to the controlling computer (see Installation for installation details). It is not necessary for the MS276xA software to run, only that the instrument is connected via the Anritsu Device Monitor.
Remote programming and operation between the instrument and remote program are accomplished via a TCP/IP raw socket connection to port 9001.
The remote program must establish a TCP/IP raw socket connection at port 9001 to the PC to which the MS276xA is connected. If the remote application is running from the local controlling PC, the IP address is localhost or; otherwise, the IP of the controlling computer must be specified.
You might need to contact your network administrator to ensure network security policies, antivirus, and firewall settings do not block access to the controlling computer and its ports.