Programming with SCPI : SCPI Command Types
SCPI Command Types
The MS276xA command set includes the following command types:
SCPI “common” commands (IEE488.2 mandated commands)
SCPI required commands (per SCPI 1999.0)
SCPI optional commands
SCPI Common Commands
Some common commands are defined in the IEEE-488.2 standard and must be implemented by all SCPI compatible instruments. These commands are identified by an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the command. These commands are defined to control instrument status registers, status reporting, synchronization, and other common functions. See also Common Commands.
SCPI Required Commands
The required SCPI commands supported by the instrument are listed below. These commands work in all measurement modes.
SCPI Required Commands
SCPI Optional Commands
Optional SCPI commands comprise the majority of the MS276xA command set. These commands control most of the programmable functions of the instrument. The top level command subsystems are listed in the table below.
SCPI Optional Commands
The SCPI optional commands are sorted by measurement modes and the commands may be repeated in more than one mode.