SCPI Error Table
SCPI Error Table
This section lists the error code/messages returned from the device when an error occurs during the execution of the SCPI command.
Error messages are classified by error number as listed in table below.
Error Number
Error String
EEPROM read/write error
EEPROM read and/or write failed
Hardware communication error
Failed to communicate with device hardware.
Option mismatch
Operation failed due to option mismatch.
Model mismatch
Operation failed due to option mismatch.
No error
The queue is completely empty. Every error/event in the queue has been read or the queue was purposely cleared by power-on, *CLS, etc.
Command error
Command error
Invalid character
A syntactic element contains a character which is invalid for that type.
Syntax error
An unrecognized command or data type was encountered.
Invalid separator
The parser was expecting a separator and encountered an illegal character.
Data type error
The parser recognized a data element different than one allowed.
Parameter not allowed
More parameters were received than expected for the header.
Missing parameter
Fewer parameters were received than required for the header.
Command header error
An error was detected in the header.
Numeric data error
Error is generated when parsing a data element which appears to be numeric, including the non-decimal numeric types.
Invalid character in number
An invalid character for the data type being parsed was encountered.
Exponent too large
The magnitude of the exponent was larger than 32000.
Too many digits
The mantissa of a decimal numeric data element contained more than 255 digits excluding leading zeros.
Invalid suffix
The suffix does not follow the syntax or suffix is inappropriate for this device.
Invalid character data
Either the character data element contains an invalid character or the particular element received is not valid for the header.
Block data error
Error is generated when parsing a block data element.
Invalid Expression
The expression data element was invalid; for example, unmatched parentheses or an illegal character.
Execution error
Execution error
Init ignored
Indicates that a request for a measurement initiation was ignored as another measurement was already in progress.
Data Out of Range
The processed parameter is outside of the instrument's defined range.
Illegal parameter value
Indicates that an exact value, from a list of possibles, was expected.
Invalid trace data
Data corrupt or stale
Invalid version
Indicates that the version does not match the version expected by the device.
Missing mass storage
Indicates that a legal program command or query could not be executed because of missing mass storage.
File name not found
Indicates that a legal program command or query could not be executed because the file name on the device was not found.
Device-specific error
Device-specific error
Calibration Failed
Calibration Failed
Queue overflow
A specific code entered into the queue in lieu of the code that caused the error. This code indicates that there is no room in the queue and an error occurred but was not recorded.
Input buffer overrun
Software or hardware input buffer on incoming port overflows with data caused by improper or nonexistent pacing.
Query error
Query error