IQ Signal Master™ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : General Information
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The MX280005A IQ Signal Master PC Software is used to analyze IQ data from Anritsu receivers and instruments enabled with IQ Signal Master options to analyze general purpose modulated signals such as QPSK, QAM, and more. This IQ Signal Master software is intended for testing physical layer modulation quality of various transmission standards.
Spectrum analyzers require Option 128 to be Vector Signal Analysis Enabled (requires Option 124 or 126; use with MX280005A software). For more information about the spectrum analyzers and the required options to operate with the MX280005A IQ Signal Master software, refer to Table: Additional Documentation.
The MX280005A provides the following measurement features:
Modulation accuracy measurement
Carrier frequency measurement
Transmitter power measurement
Imports IQ acquisition data from a Spectrum Analyzer with Option 128
Initiates and saves IQ data streaming
View and analyze IQ data – License required. See Licensing.
Convert IQ parameters of an existing file format and converts it to a different file format – License required. See Licensing.
Performs FFTs to create a sweep trace to display along with a Spectrogram – License required. See Licensing.
Increase time resolution to closely analyze IQ data – License required. See Licensing.