IQ Signal Masterâ„¢ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation
Basic Operation
Opening Screen
Browse Mode Menu Bar
Help Menu
Applications Menu
Browse Mode
IQ Data Files
Load File
Signal Parameters
Capture Mode
Capture Menu Toolbar
Help Menu
IQ Acquisition Overview
Capture Menu Toolbar
Settings Window
Remote File List
View Mode
View Menu Toolbar
Help Menu
Audio Demodulation
Audio Demodulation
Display Options
Points of Interest
Points of Interest Example
Convert Mode
Convert Menu Toolbar
Import File Type
Export File Type
Audio Demodulation
Import/Export Example
Import File
Export to MG3700 Series Signal Generator
Playback Mode
Playback Menu Bar
Help Menu
Playback Toolbar
Set Frequency Markers
Set Time Markers
Marker Table
Analyzing a Point of Interest
Increase Time Resolution
Playback Controls
Trace Density Analysis
Time Marker Table
Trace Density Peak Finder
Capture Signal Peaks
Analyze Mode
Analyze Menu Bar
Print Results
Analyze Menu
Settings Menu
Modulation Parameters Tab
Using Parameter Setup
Entering Parameter Values
Standard Setup
Measuring Object
Modulation Type
Mapping Edit
Symbol Rate
Capture OSR
Filter Button
Detail Settings
Parameter Summary
Parameters Descriptions
IQ File Descriptions
View Modes Tab
Parameters List
View Mode Buttons
Loading an IQ Data File
Set Up Parameters
Sequencer Tab
Sequencer Toolbar
Parameter Sets
Frame Sequence
EVM vs. Frame
Symbol Rate Error