IQ Signal Masterâ„¢ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : Browse Mode Menu Bar
Browse Mode Menu Bar
The Browse menu bar is shown in Figure: Browse Menu Bar.
Browse Menu Bar
File Menu
Displays the Browse View menu command as shown in Figure: Browse File Menu.
Browse File Menu
Recent IQ Files
Open to display the recent IQ files that have been viewed. Basic information is stored and subsequently when the same file is opened again it is very fast. Along with the basic file description, user settings such as markers are also stored in the same place.
Reload IQ Data
Reload the most recent viewed folder. Loads a file as if for the first time. This removes all saved markers and other information.
Exits the program.
View Menu
Displays the Browse View menu command as shown in Figure: Browse View Menu. Use this menu to display the IQ data files as shown in IQ Data Files.
Browse View Menu
Refresh the Browse menu files. If new data files have been added or removed from a folder, press Refresh to update the Browse screen file list.
Display Columns
Provides the menu shown below. Check the columns to be shown in the Browse window. Press Close if no changes or press Apply to make changes effective.
The Browse Settings menu command is shown in Figure: Settings Menu.
Settings Menu
Application Settings
Provides Screenshot Options dialog shown below.
Screenshot Folder: Displays the file name where the screenshots will be stored.
Folder Icon: Open to browse to a folder location to store the screenshots.
Screenshot Destination: Select store to clipboard, Disk File, or Both.