IQ Signal Masterâ„¢ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : Capture Mode
Capture Mode
The Capture mode imports IQ acquisition data from a Spectrum Analyzer with Option 128. The Capture mode window is shown in Figure: Capture Menu.
Capture Menu
1. IQ Acquisition Screen: The IQ Acquisition Tool is used for capturing streaming IQ data from supported Anritsu analyzers. It currently supports the MS2090A, MS27201A, and MS2710xA series analyzers and can stream IQ data from the Ethernet port or to the MA25101A PCIe card. See IQ Acquisition Overview.
2. Live IQ Data Screen: Shows the signal on the spectrum analyzer with the current sweep parameters. It is a view to verify that the signal is present that you want to capture. Click the graph to toggle the live update on/off.
3. Spectrogram Screen: Displays a spectrogram of the live signal in the graph above.
4. Remote File List: Displays the basic file name, capture time, and file size.
Capture Menu Toolbar
The Capture toolbar is shown in Figure: Capture Menu Toolbar.
Capture Menu Toolbar
File Menu
Displays the Capture File menu command as shown in Figure: File Menu
File Menu
Recent IQ Files
Open to display the recent IQ files that have been viewed.
Reload IQ Data
Reload the most recent viewed file.
Exits the program.
Settings Menu
The Capture Settings menu command is shown in Figure: Settings Menu.
Settings Menu
Application Settings
Provides the Screenshot Options dialog shown below.
Screenshot Folder
Displays the file name where the screenshots will be stored.
Folder Icon
Open to browse to a folder location to store the screenshots.
Screenshot Destination
Select store to Clipboard, Disk File, or Both.
Help Menu
The Capture Help file is the same as described in Help Menu.