IQ Signal Master™ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : IQ Acquisition Overview : Remote File List
Remote File List
When using the MX280005A to capture IQ data, it is automatically transferred to the local PC. Other ways to capture IQ data directly on the spectrum analyzer include taking a MS2090A into the field and capturing data, return to the lab and copy it to a PC for playback and analysis. The remote file list shown in Figure: Remote File List displays files stored on the spectrum analyzer and provides a way for copying the files to the local PC. Double-click a file from the list to copy to the working folder. The selected file can then be viewed in the IQ data screen and Spectrogram screen shown in Figure: Capture Menu.
MX2710xA does not support remote files.
On the spectrum analyzers user interface, there is an command selection under the IQ Measurement menu labeled "SAVE TO FILE". This can be "Automatic" or "Manual". If it is "Automatic", then every time MX280005A performs a capture, the data is also stored redundantly on the spectrum analyzer. This will fill up their internal storage. It may be best to set to Manual when doing capture with the MX280005A software. But set the analyzer to "Automatic" if doing captures from the front panel.
Remote File List
Remote File List Toolbar
The remote file list toolbar provides file access management.
Remote File List Toolbar
Remote File List Menu
Displays the View File menu commands as shown in Figure: View File Menu.
View File Menu
Access Files:
Download all remote IQ files.
Delete Files
Delete all IQ data files on the remote spectrum analyzer.
Refresh the remote file list.
File Count
Shows the total number of files listed in the remote file list.
Status Information
At the bottom of the window there is status information bar. Stream status indicates if a stream is active or if the stream stops because of an error. The four boxes in the status bar show: total bytes downloaded (reset for each file in Continuous Mode), transfer rate, elapsed time, available disk space.
Status Information
IQ Length
Total bytes downloaded in the most recent capture.
Data transfer rate for the most recent transfer.
Elapsed time for the data transfer. Shows only the transfer time after the capture is complete on the spectrum analyzer. This does not include the capture time for block mode captures.
Disk Space Available
The available disk space for the IQ data transfer. If the active disk drive is the user’s ‘C:’ drive, this will be 2.0 GB less than the actual free disk space. This is to provide margin so the boot-disk is not entirely filled. For other drives the margin is 20 MB. If you are using your ‘C:’ drive for data collection, and the drive has 10.0 GB of free space, this will show 8.0 GB, which is the space available for IQ capture.