IQ Signal Masterâ„¢ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : View Mode
View Mode
The View mode window displays the IQ data in time.
View Mode
1. File Name and Signal Parameters: The loaded IQ data file parameters.
2. IQ Constellation Diagram: The constellation diagram shows I/Q value pairs in the raw data file. As raw data, the location of the points depends on the sample rate and may appear more random than normal. In this display the modulation scheme is not known and no processing is taking place to display symbol points. Use the Analysis mode as described in Modulation Analysis to specify modulation details and extract the more familiar constellation diagram at symbol points.
3. CCDF Plot: (Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function) The x-axis represents the power level above the average power and the y-axis represents the percentage of time the signal power is at or above the power represented at the x-axis.
4. Audio Demodulation/Display Options/Markers Panel: See Table: Audio Demodulation, Table: Display Options, and Table: Markers.
5. Points of Interest: See Table: Points of Interest.
6. IQ Data Displayed in Time: The Magnitude, I, and Q data display. Use the Scroll bar below the Q display to scan the data in the time spectrum.
View Menu Toolbar
The View toolbar is shown in Figure: Capture Menu Toolbar.
View Menu Toolbar
File Menu
Displays the View File menu command as shown in Figure: File Menu.
View File Menu
Recent IQ Files
Open to display the recent IQ files that have been viewed.
Reload IQ Data
Reload the most recent viewed file.
Exits the program
Settings Menu
The View Settings menu command is shown in Figure: Settings Menu.
View Settings Menu
Application Settings
Provides Screenshot Options dialog shown below.
Screenshot Folder: Displays the folder name where the screenshots will be stored.
Folder Icon: Open to browse to a folder location to store the screenshots.
Screenshot Destination: Select store to Clipboard, Disk File, or Both.
Help Menu
The View Help file is the same as described in Help Menu.