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Points of Interest
The Points of Interest window shown in Figure: Points of Interest Window is a user activated action that searches the modulation data set and finds points on the signal that show the most change. For details, see Table: Points of Interest.
Points of Interest Window
Points of Interest

Sensitivity Slider
Slide left provides a less sensitivity search where the bandwidth search is large and will result in the most significant signal changes. Slide right provides a more sensitive search where the bandwidth search is smaller and will result in capturing more signal point changes, but some changes may be less detectable when viewed on the graph display.
Find Icon
Press to search for the Points of Interest of the I,Q, and M signal display. As points of interest are located, the signals parameters are logged as shown in Figure: Points of Interest Window. When the slider is moved in either direction, update the field by pressing the find button,
Location of the POI. The sample number at which the signal change occurs.
Time (µs)
Time of the occurrence. (Sample / sample rate)
Type of signal change flagged as a POI. (Power shift or Modulation shift)
A dimensionless measure of how much the modulation or power has shifted. It is useful when comparing between entries in the table. You can sort on each column by clicking the column title. So ‘Depth’ is in the table so you can sort and see the points that had the largest power or modulation shift at the top of the list.
Points of Interest Example
Select by double-clicking a sample from the Points of Interest window. Here the data point 5000193 is displayed in the graph as shown in Figure: Point of Interest on Graph. A visual inspection shows that there is a change in the center of waveform displayed. Left of center is noisier than on the right of center indicating. This is the change that has been detected in the signal and logged into the Points of Interest window.
Point of Interest on Graph