IQ Signal Masterâ„¢ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : Convert Mode
Convert Mode
IQ files are captured in a receivers file format that is incompatible with the file format of a signal generator. The Convert mode window provides file conversion tools for pulling in the IQ parameters of an existing incompatible file format and converts it to a compatible file format. The Convert menu is shown in Figure: Convert Menu.
The File Information area just below the main menu bar is grayed out in this mode. Other screens operate on the loaded DGZ file: however, Convert is for converting files between formats and the input file may not typically be a DGZ file. The Convert window is not exporting the file listed in the File Summary part of the screen - hence it is grayed out. There is a separate Import File button, so you can load a file in a format otherwise not supported in this application, and convert to a different format.
Only files in Anritsu specific formats (first four import options) can be exported to Anritsu specific formats (first four export options).
Convert Menu
1. Import File Button: Load a file in a format not supported in this application, and convert to a different format.
2. Import File Type Menu: See Table: Import File Type.
3. Export File Type Menu: See Table: Export File Type.
4. Audio Demodulation Menu: See Table: Audio Demodulation.
5. IQ Constellation Diagram: The constellation diagram shows all the possible symbols that can be transmitted by the system as a collection of points. in the Time (Vertical Axis), Frequency (Horizontal Axis), and Amplitude (Color) Domains.
6. CCDF Plot: (Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function) The x-axis represents the power level above the average power and the y-axis represents the percentage of time the signal power is at or above the power represented at the x-axis.
Convert Menu Toolbar
The Convert menu toolbar is shown in Figure: Capture Menu Toolbar.
Convert Menu Toolbar
File Menu
Displays the Convert File menu command as shown in Figure: File Menu.
Convert File Menu
Open File for Import
Open the file browser to import a file.
Save (Export) IQ Data
Open the file browser to export an IQ data file.
Resample and Save IQ Data
Perform a resample of the IQ data and save it.
Recent Files
Displays the last few files opened.
Exits the program.
Settings Menu
The Convert Settings menu command is shown in Figure: Settings Menu.
Convert Settings Menu
Application Settings
Provides Screenshot Options dialog shown below.
Screenshot Folder: Displays the file name where the screenshots will be stored.
Folder Icon: Open to browse to a folder location to store the screenshots.
Screenshot Destination: Select store to Clipboard, Disk File, or Both.
Help Menu
The Convert Help file is the same as described in Help Menu.