IQ Signal Masterâ„¢ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : Analyze Mode : Print Results
Print Results
Analyzed data can be printed. To print the analyzed data:
1. Click the File menu in the Analyze menu bar.
2. Click Print Results.
The printed data provides a IQ Signal Master Report as shown in Figure: Analyze - Print Results. The application settings dialog includes options for printed output as shown in Figure: Screenshot Destination and Figure: Modulation Parameters Tab.
Analyze - Print Results
1. Tabular Data
2. Graph Data
Settings Menu
See Settings Menu.
View Menu
Displays the Browse View menu command as shown in Figure: Analyze View Menu.
Analyze View Menu
Pin Side Panel
Collapse the Parameter/IQ File Summary panel top expand the analyze window.
Save Current View
Save the current view.
Reload Saved View
Reload the current saved view.