IQ Signal Master™ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : Modulation Parameters Tab : Slot
The Slot parameters can be set when Frame Formatted has been selected. Press the Slot button to display the slot parameter setting dialog box as shown in Figure: Slot Parameter Setting Dialog Box.
Slot Parameter Setting Dialog Box
The Slot dialog settings are described in Figure: Slot Settings
Slot Settings
Slot Length
Set the number of symbols in one slot.
Range: 10 to 4096
Measurement Offset
Sets the start position of the measurement interval in symbols. The reference position of the measurement offset is the first symbol of the slot.
Range: 0 to (Slot Length – 10)
Measurement Interval
Sets the measurement interval in symbols. The symbol interval set in Measurement Interval is displayed as the measurement result.
Range: 10 to (Slot Length – Measurement Offset)
Setting Example
Refer to the settings in the Slot Parameter Setting dialog box shown in Figure: Slot Parameter Setting Dialog Box. When one slot includes 120 symbols and the measured interval is the 110-symbol interval starting at the third symbol. The parameters in the slot parameter setting dialog box are set as:
Slot Length = 120
Measurement Offset = 2
Measurement Interval = 110
The Slot Format Setting Parameter scheme is shown in Figure: Slot Format Setting Parameter Scheme.
Slot Format Setting Parameter Scheme