IQ Signal Masterâ„¢ MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help : Basic Operation : Sequencer Tab : Playback
Press Playback to playback and view images of each demodulated frame and what the IQ capture looks like in time based analysis as shown in Figure: Playback View.
Playback View
1. IQ Measurement Screens: All screens are available selected from View Modes Tab.
2. Close Button: Close the Playback window.
3. Frame Count: Displays the frame count of the signal. Use the scrollbar to locate a point of interest and note the Frame number to reference a location.
4. Frame Speed Per Second: Playback speed control.
5. Capture Screen to Clipboard: Press to capture the Playback window display to the Microsoft clipboard.
6. Playback Controls: Typical video controls.
7. Scrollbar: Use to scan signal for points of interest. The Frame count window tracks the scrollbar. If a signal of interest was noted as occurring at a particular frame count, the user can move the scroll bar to the frame count noted and view the parameters of each EVM window displayed.
Right-click on the Constellation window displays the menu shown in Figure: Constellation Display Menu. Each modulation scheme will display a similar window that pertains to its characteristics. All modulation schemes and their menu boxes are described in Modulation Analysis.
Constellation Display Menu
Copy Image to Clipboard
Copies image to clipboard. Image can be then viewed with a graphics editor.
Save Image to File
Name and save the image to a user selected file.
Export Data to File
Export the data to a user selected file.
Fit All Measurements in Window
Only the current active measurements are fit in the window for full view.
Display Constellation Only
Only Constellation view is displayed in full view.
Select all Available Measurement Views
All measurement views are displayed in the window.
Clear All Selected Measurements Views
Clears out all views.
Sets the data interpolation between the symbols displayed on the graph and the display complementation. On the interpolation display, data is interpolated by using the number of splits between symbols specified in Points/Symbol and a graph is displayed with each data connected with straight lines.