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Example Application
Provided with the MX280005A IQ Signal Master software is an example application using the IQ Signal Master API. This application includes full source code and demonstrates how to access and utilize all API function calls.
The API, and its documentation, does not provide an introduction to IQ Signal Master analysis. The developer should become familiar with the MX280005A application before attempting to develop with the API. There are many analysis parameters that must be set in order to successfully demodulate a captured signal. The required parameters vary with the modulation type, and the supported output screens vary as well. A user will rarely need to set all of the parameters presented in the API.
The source code for the example application is contained in a zip archive 'MX280005A_API_Demo,zip' found in the application folder (C:\Program Files\Anritsu Company\MX280005A). This needs to be unzipped to a location of the user's choice. The example solution can be opened by double-clicking on the file 'APITest.sln'. The example program provides a demonstration only of the functions and methods of the API, To clearly show method and function calls, normal error handling has been omitted.
The Anritsu IQ Signal Master API is implemented as a 64-bit .NET dll (MX280005A.dll). Set the project type to x64 in Visual Studio when you build the example, and any derivative applications. The API has several dependencies that must be in the same application folder in order for the example code to run correctly. These dependencies are including in the .\bin\debug folder of the sample application solution. Depending on how you configure Visual Studio, you may need to copy these files to the correct output folder. The required files are: ipp_custom.dll, iVSA.exe, libguide40.dll, mkl_custom.dll, MX280005A.dll, and VMAAnalysis.dll.
API Test Application