Rubidium™ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Error Messages : Error Query
Error Query
The :SYSTem:ERRor? query command is a request for the next entry in the instrument’s error queue. Error messages in the queue contain an integer in the range [–32768, 32768] denoting an error code and associated descriptive text. Negative codes are reserved by the SCPI standard and defined first in this chapter. Positive error codes are instrument-dependent. An error code value of zero indicates that no error has occurred (see Error Queue).
The :SYSTem:ERRor? query command is required of all SCPI implementations.
The instrument responds to the :SYSTem:ERRor? query command with an error message in the following format:
<error code>,"<error description>;<device-dependent info>"
The <error code> is a unique error descriptor. Certain standard error codes are described in this chapter. The <error description> is a short description of the error, (optionally) followed by further information about the error. Short descriptions of the standard error codes are given in this chapter. The <device-dependent information> part of the response may contain information which will allow the user to determine the exact error and context. For example:
–241,"Hardware missing;Attenuator"
The maximum string length of <error description> plus <device-dependent information> is 255 characters. The <error description> shall be sent exactly as indicated in this chapter including case.