Rubidium™ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Error Messages : Query Errors
Query Errors
An <error code> in the range [–499,–400] indicates that the output queue control of the instrument has detected a problem with the message exchange protocol described in IEEE 488.2, Chapter 6. The occurrence of any error in this class should cause the query error bit (bit 2) in the standard event status register to be set. These errors correspond to message exchange protocol errors described in IEEE 488.2, Section 6.5. One of the following is true:
An attempt is being made to read data from the output queue when no output is either present or pending
Data in the output queue has been lost
Events that generate query errors shall not generate command errors, execution errors, or device-specific errors; see the other error definitions in this chapter.
Error Code
Error Description [description/explanation/examples]
“Query error”
This is the generic query error for devices that cannot detect more specific errors. This code indicates only that a Query Error as defined in IEEE 488.2, and 6.3 has occurred.
Indicates that a condition causing an INTERRUPTED Query error occurred (see IEEE 488.2,; for example, a query followed by a DAB or GET before a response was completely sent.
Indicates that a condition causing as UNTERMINATED Query error occurred (see IEEE 488.2,; for example, the device was addressed to talk and an incomplete program message was received.
Indicates that a condition causing a DEADLOCKED Query error occurred (see IEEE 488.2,; for example, both input and output buffer are full and the device cannot continue.
“Query UNTERMINATED after indefinite response”
Indicates that a query was received in the same program message after a query requesting an indefinite response was executed (see IEEE 488.2,