Rubidium™ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : General Information : ESD Caution
ESD Caution
Connection of coaxial cables carrying an electrostatic potential, excess power, or excess voltage can damage the internal circuitry of the signal generator. Operators must be aware of the potential for ESD damage and take all necessary precautions. Operators should exercise practices outlined within industry standards such as JEDEC‑625 (EIA‑625), MIL‑HDBK‑263, and MIL‑STD‑1686, which pertain to ESD and ESDS devices, equipment, and practices. Because these apply to the MG362x1A, Anritsu recommends that any static charges that may be present be dissipated before connecting coaxial cables to the signal generator. It is important to remember that the operator may also carry a static charge. Following the practices outlined in the referenced standards will ensure a safe environment for both personnel and equipment.